TradersFish Biotech Success Speculation Probability (TFBSS)

Biotech Probability Calculator

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Disclaimer! This is NOT an investment advice. The data result herein is purely speculation only. You must do your own due diligence and mitigate your risk. You acknowledge that will not be held responsible and accountable for any losses you may incur using our Biotech Data Calculator. Please consult your own financial adviser before executing trades.

What is Biotech Data Calculator?

TFBSS is a mathematic calculator that uses three components to predict the possibility outcome of trial data. The three components that we use for calculation are:

  • Current phase (II or III)
  • Disease area
  • Market capitalization.

Once all three components are filled, the TFBSS will do automatic calculation based on the unique formula that is in the system.

The baseline percentage is 50%, if the result is 50% and above, drug trial success is highly probable, less than 50% drug trial failure is highly probable.

Traders Fish unique biotech success speculation formula has 83% accuracy, per our recent data* this data is limited. Other factor is not included in this methodology. Do your own due diligence. Use this TFBSS for speculation purposes only and in no way we guarantee its accuracy.Consult with your financial advisers before any investment.