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Quarter 1 2018

ALDR +17.37% ( Eptimezumab met primary endpoint in PROMISE 2 trial
APOP +37.78% (Successful transplant using ApoGraft
BOLD +14.86% (-23.32% after 2 days) (*positive data of 1st dose cohort of ASPIRO Ph1/2 of AT132, record high)
CCXI +39.42% (secures up to $100M in new capital commmitments
GBT +19.07% ( FDA Breakthrough Therapy Designation for Voxelotor.)
NVAX +59.40% (Price target raised to $10 FROM $2.25 at B. Riley FBR
NVRO +14.40% ( receives FDA approval for SENZA ll SCS System)
PTIE +103.15% (Positive Topline for Nasal Abuse
ARDM (-33.92%) FDA Antimicrobial Drugs Advisory Committee did not rec'd approval
AXON -56.98% ( intepirdine did not meet primary endpoint
AXSM -35% ( discontinued CREATE-1 trial)
EIGR (-49.38%) failed 2 LIBERTY to meet primary endpoint
EXAS -9.95% (sell off on ASCO abstract)
INSY -26.31% (+11.23% weekly gain Jan 2-5* despite 1 dy sell off*)
KALA -29.28% Topline result for two phase 3 trials
OHRP -81.33% data did not meet endpoint
Sell the Gap
BOLD -23.30% in 2 days ( giving up all its gain after AT132 P1/2 data release)
Reversal off Lows
KALA +32% bounce in 5 days since initial gap down reaction on P3 result of Topline data

Quarter 4 2017

ADMS +21.01% (*Evercore ISI gives it $85 price target, plus Point72 reported 5.1% passive stake*)
ANAB +101% (reported positive results of P2a ANB020)
ARDX +44.44% (*Tepanor study meets endpoints*)
ARGX +78.8% (+91% weekly gain; ASH'17 data update pn Phase 1/2 clinical trials for AML & CTCL ARGX-110)
BIOC +69.12% (* announces issuance of U.S patent core to BIOC Target Select Assays for ctDNA)
BLUE +17.91% (*ASH '17 data presentation of its Lentiglobin; record high $10bil MC)
CBIO +29.62% (announces acceleration of Phase 1/2 trial of CB 2679d/lSU304 in individuals w/ Hemophilia B)
CLSN +123.33% (*weekly gain, rallies on aanouncement of final clinical & translational research data from its OVATION Study*)
ECYT +307.8% (*weekly gain on completion of an exclusive worldwide license of PSMA-617 from ABZ GmbH*)
FLXN +23.78% (*weekly gain, FDA approved its Zilretta drug*)
INFI +123.35% (Wells Fargo Upgrade to $5PT,cites IPI-549 potential*)
MDGL +88.29% (met primary endpoint in a P2 NASH study for MGL-3196*)
MNKD +131.80% (*weekly gain, on FDA update on Affreza prescribing information*)
MRNS +39.58% (*sympathy move with MDGL*)
ONCS +60.00% updated data from P2 OMS I-102 .
OTIC +83.04% reporting 'positive' Phase 3 Otividex trial
PTI +161.28% (*positive data from PTI-428,PTI-801,& PTI-808*)
RVNC +33.65% (RT002 met primary and secondary endpoints)
SAGE +54.25% (positive trial results in postpartum depression)
VKTX +35.10% weekly gain (* sell the gap initial reaction, next 2 days +45% bounce, rally in sympathy move w/ MDGL*)
VTVT +44.82% weekly gain (rallies on increase stake of Ron Perelman)
ACOR -39.72% (tozadenant for Parkinson's groups, five of which were fatal)
ACRX -59.81% (*receives CRL from FDA for DSUVIA*)
CALA -41% in two days. (CB-839 combo fail to impress investors at SITC)
FPRX -40.90% (*tanked on Cabiralizumab abstract presented on SITC*)
GALT -30.65% (P2b NASH-CX trial update)
GBT -14.24% (ASH '17 presented treatment for SCD #Voxelotor drug.
JUNO -14.33% ~ initial reaction, -23.82% for the week* (ASH '17 reported additional data from TRANSCEND study)
JUNO -14.34% (*ASH '17 presented addtl data from TRANSCEND study of JCAR017*)
ONCE -34.97% (*ASH '17 presented SPK-8011; -50% intraday low; 52weeks low print*)
RARX -37.32% (* Met Primary Endpoint for Phase 2 RA101495, sold off on efficacy inferior to ALXN1210*
RDHL -29.60% offering of 4,090,909 American Depositary Shares, public offering price of $5.50 per ADS for gross proceeds to $22.5m
SYRS -31.69% (*ASH '17 presented new preclinical data on SY-1365; intraday low -49%)
Sell the Gap
AIMT +28.37% from +56% or 39.90 premarket high*; DVBT PH3 failure in peanut allergy is AIMT gain*
VKTX +9.12% (*+39% intraday, +52% premarket, sympathymove with MDGL on positive P2 data of MGL-3196*; after 2 days total rally +45%*)
VSTM -16.86% (+57% premarket; +10.6% intraday; ASH '17 released PH3 result of DUO*)
Reversal off Lows
BHVN -4.86% (*-28.70% intraday low, TRIGRILUZOLE Phase2/3 no difference from Placebo
GALT unchanged* weekly performance (*initial reaction is -32% 2 days rally brought it back to unchanged for the week*)
NKTR +5.71% (-5% premarket low, INHALE Ph3 study did not meet endpoint)

Quarter 3 2017

AKTX +51.20% (*Plans to advance COVERSIN towards PH3)
ALNY +49.32% (meets all endpoint for APOLLO Phase3 of PATISIRAN*)
CLSN +123.33% (*weekly gain, rallies on aanouncement of final clinical & translational research data from its OVATION Study*)
ZGNX +172.23% (*Meets endpoint ZX008 of Phase 3 trial for Dravet syndome*)
ZYNE +34.19% *ZYN002 gel meets primary endpoint in Phase 2 Fragile X syndrome trial.*
AXON -72.47% (*Failed Phase 3 MINDSET study*)
GNCA -72.40% (*Ceased GEN 003 and shifted focus towards Immunocology*)
ICPT -35.09% (FDA safety announcement on OCALIVA*)
VSAR -85.42% (*Phase 3 of SOMAVARATAN did not meet primary endpoint*)
Sell the Gap
NBRV +29.30% from +105% intraday high* (rallies on LEAP 1 trial)
Reversal off Lows
PTCT +8.05% (*-23% intraday low to positive territory*)

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