Biotech Movers

Quarter 3 2020

ALBO +44.76%
ALPN +134.98%
IMMU +97.99% (buyout from GILD)
INO +40.98% [ announced $71M funding from DOD for its experimental COVID19 vaccine]
ITCI +72.87%
MCRB +389.22%
MNTA +69.17% (buyout from JNJ)
TBIO +46.98% [ expanded partnership w/ Sanofi for the development of COVID19 vaccine]
BMRN -35.28% ( received CRL from FDA)
ICPT -39.73% (received CRL obeticholic CID)
TCDA -40.31%
Sell the Gap
No data found.
Reversal off Lows
No data found.

Quarter 2 2020

ARCT +35.27%
AXSM +24.35%
CAPR +252.70%
MGNX +230.92%
No data found.
Sell the Gap
No data found.
Reversal off Lows
No data found.

Quarter 1 2020

AGTC +122.84% (reported PH 1/2 XLRP)
No data found.
Sell the Gap
No data found.
Reversal off Lows
No data found.

Quarter 3 2019

CAPR +93.48% (Positive HOPE-2 trial)
No data found.
Sell the Gap
No data found.
Reversal off Lows
No data found.

Quarter 2 2019

ABIO +98.64% (P2B data published in ACC)
ADMA +24.32% (FDA approval)
AGN +25.36% (buyout by ABBV)
DMPI +140% (-49.75% next day on offering; rallies on clinical updates in ASCO)
GNCA +19.61% ( +110% in 2 days rally; GEN-009 presented at ASCO)
LJPC +92.48% (positive P2 study of LJPC-401)
MBIO +112.03% (clinical data update)
MBRX +168.47% (FDA fast track)
MRTX +31.58% ( rallies on AMGN P1 Kras data)
PETX +39.65% (buyout)
PHAS +30.18% (technical momentum)
PRVB +217.01% (Data published in NEJM)
SGMO +28.96% (clinical update)
SOLY +42.62% (FDA 510(k) Clearance for RAP device)
ACER -78.63% (CRL from FDA)
ADXS -31.36% ( secondary pricing at $4)
AMRX -35.98% (announces restructuring plan for $50M annual savings)
AVEO -29.02% (slump on stock sale)
BCRX -52.91% (announced result from P3 Apex- 2 trial)
CBAY -45.45% (data not significant compared to placebo)
HRTX -18.13% (FDA CRL)
IFRX -91.79% (failed data)
IMGN -32.06% (FDA recommends new P3 trial of mirvetuximab soravtansine)
NBRV -27.42% (FDA CRL)
OCUL -22.55% (P3 OTX-TP failed to meet primary endpoint)
SVRA -75.21% (failed P3 Imapala study primary efficacy endpoint)
SYRS -23.28% (offering)
ZGNX -22.93% (Refusal to file letter from FDA)
ZSAN -26.75% (offering)
Sell the Gap
ADXS-40% (from $10.80 to $6.51)
TGTX -14% (from $9.30 to $8.09)
VKTX (-18 reversal from $11.03-$9.97)
Reversal off Lows
No data found.

Quarter 1 2019

ACHV +84.36% (announces final data from cytisinicline study)
AKTX +224.18% (Positive FDA meeting for pre-IND)
ALDX +35.99% (postive topline P3)
ARQL +67.38% (earnings update)
ASND +74% (positive Phase 3 data)
ATOS +368.21% (FDA approval of Oral Endoxifen)
AXSM +161.22 (Meet P2 endpoints)
BPTH +160.46% (rally on clinical update on P2 PREXIGEBERSEN)
BPTH +223.29% (low floater)
CELG +20.69% (acquired by BMY)
CMTA +74.43% (BUYOUT)
DERM +84.36% (positive topline 2b)
EOLS +26% (FDA approved wrinkle drug)
IMDZ +309.86% ( acquired by Merck for $5.85/ share)
INSM +43.23% (drug sales update Arikayce)
LOXO +66.33% (LLY $8 B buyout)
MCRB +24.85% (Collaboration)
MGNX +130.42% (success P3 data)
NITE +66.09% (Buyout from BIIB)
ONCE +120.09% (BUYOUT)
PHAS +67.47% (P1 PB2452 data)
SAGE +42.68% (P3 succeeds)
TNDM +25.20% (earnings report beat)
ACIU -65.98% (discontinue P3)
BIIB -29.23% (discontinue P3 ENGAGE & EMERGE ALZ trials w/ Eisai)
CANF -31.00% (fail data)
GNMX -75.32% (AEVI-001 failed)
IMMU -26.42% (CRL from FDA)
LJPC -50.19% (sales missed expectation)
LXRX -22.60% (Adcom split decision for Sotagliflozin approval)
PETX -26.55% (Engaged Capital cut it stake)
PRTO -85.60% (negative data)
PT -68% (CF data)
REPH -34.05% (CRL from FDA)
SELB -21.03% (SEL-212 update)
SGMO -30.87% (SB-318 no clinical benefits)
SLDB -67.82% (muscular dystrophy data failed)
TYME -35.39% (SM-88 data)
VNDA -19.95% (filed complaint against FDA seeking to lift clinical hold on tradipitant)
Sell the Gap
No data found.
Reversal off Lows
No data found.

Quarter 4 2019

CNST +90.25% (ASH winner)
RETA +56.99% (record high;Part 2 portion of the MOXIe Phase 2 trial of omaveloxolone in patients with Friedreich's ataxia, or FA, met its primary endpoint)
RLMD +134.03% (record high; reports REL-1017 has rapid onset and sustained antidepressant efficacy with statistically significant differences compared to placebo on all efficacy measures)
ARQL -17.88% (ASH loser)
Sell the Gap
No data found.
Reversal off Lows
No data found.

Quarter 4 2018

AIMT +15.48% (rallies on DBVT withdrawal of Viaskin Peanut application)
ARNA +21.62% (License agreement with UTHR)
BHVN +25.39% (reported topline P3 trial of ZYDIS ODT)
CMTA +48.23% (NDA for Palovarotene)
CORI +53% (buyout by Gurnet Point Capital)
ECYT +50.39% (Buyout)
GBT +47.81 % (FDA accept AA)
NK +37.27% (announces results of haNK in novel cancer memory vaccine immunotherapy)
PTI +447.62% (positive preliminary from P1 study)
QURE +35.66% (dose confirmation AMT-061)
RVNC +19.47% (RT002 data and license agreement with Fosum Pharma)
TSRO +58.47% (buyout from GSK)
ABUS -33.99% (Update HBV development programs)
ADAP -30.11% (data update at ESMO)
ADRO -30.41% (data update)
ADVM -26.59% ( to discontinue lead asset ADVM -043)
AFMD -24.41% AFM11 (Patient death)
AMRN -32% (sell the news after REDUCE-IT data update)
CLSD -62.77% (failed phase 3)
DOVA -56.64%( 3 days sell off- launch of Doptelet is slower than expected & CEO changes)
DVBT -59.29% (withdraws Viaskin Peanut application)
IDRA -39.70% (ILLUMINATE-204 data)
IMDZ -50% (Discontinue P 3 SYNOVATE)
INFI -45.42% (Phase 1b data update at SITC)
MDXG -41.16% (delisting notification)
MNLO-39.57% (failed data)
ONCS -49.81% (preliminary KEYNOTE-695)
PBYI -48.01% (earnings sales disappointment)
SELB -33.36% (P2 SEL-212 data)
SGYP -69.28% (bankruptcy concerned)
SNNA -37.59% (SNA-120 data)
SPPI -38.79% (FDA did not grant BTD to Poziotinib for NSLC treatment)
SURF -47.50% ( reduces scope for CD47 program, accelerates SRF388IND)
TRVN -64.09% (FDA briefing docs)
Sell the Gap
AKBA -30% (high $10.06 to low $7.72)
MDGL -31% (High $190 to low $145.43, sell the news data)
MRNS -41% ( 5 days after the gap up)
PTLA -25% (High $25.00 to low $19.80)
VKTX -19% (high $13.78 to low $11.28. Sell the news data)
Reversal off Lows
ACRX +40% (two days reversal after FDA docs)

Quarter 3 2018

ACAD +26.56% (FDA find no safety issues in Nuplazid)
ACIU +38.28% ( rallies in sypathy of BIIB positive Alzheimer's news)
ADMP +50.00% (distribution agreement with Sandoz Inc)
AFMD +246.88% (collaboration news)
ALDX +34.85% (positive P2 dry eye data)
AMRN +314.72% (successful Phase 3 data)
ARQL +20.11% ( technical breakout)
ARWR +37.52% (ARO-HBV data)
AVXL +43.66% (initiate Phase 2b/3 clinical trial)
BIIB +19.63% ( rallies on positives of its Alzheimers drug data)
CRBP +53.62% (Expand compound focused)
GLMD +21.23% (Cantor $59 price target)
INSY +34.05% (FDA fast track Epinephrine nasal spray)
MNKD +89.09% (Collaboration with UTHR)
OBLN +52.00% (raise $10M in private placement)
PRQR +120.75% (Interim Phase 1/2 result)
PTGX +56.21% (Phase 2 Propel study)
REPH +26.49% (update FDA meeting IV meloxicam)
RETA +64.98% ( Positive results of Phase 2 bardoxolone methyl for CKD/ CARDINAL study)
SBBP +30.89% (Positive Phase 3)
TORC +49.50% (positive Phase 2 data)
VKTX +87.30% (succeed mid-stage study)
VTGN +37.50% (FDA fast track)
VXRT +88.85% (technical breakout)
ZGNX +20.30% (Phase 3 achieved endpoint)
ACOR -24.50 % (Court appeal denied for Ampytra patents)
AKCA -25.33% (CRL from FDA)
AVEO -24.21% ( TIVO P3 data readout moves to Q3)
BLPH -68.85% (DMC rec stopping P3)
CTIC -43.36% (Delayed data until 2Q 2019)
GEMP -52.04% (FDA asks for more data)
GERN -62.92% (discontinuation trial)
GTXI -92.27% (failed P2)
MDXG -38.50% (CEO, COO resigned)
MRSN -31.59% (clinical hold for XMT-1522 trial)
ONCE -27.83% (safety concerns for Hemophilia trial)
OVID -36.55% (Positive data, but investors questions)
PGNX -17.88% (P3 co endpoints met and misses)
SGMO -23.62% (16 week clinical SB-913 data)
SPPI -22.66% (Sell-off due to update Ponzi data)
TGTX -44.32% (DSMB cannot be conducted)
TSRO -23.55% (Disappointing earnings sales numbers)
VTL -98.85% (Failed P3 data)
ZYNE -24.09% (offering news)
Sell the Gap
TORC +13.4% (+28% initial spike on reports of P2a of TORC1
Reversal off Lows
ACIU +56% (Stock move with Biogen Inc Alzheimer's disease news)
SNNA -4.46% (-18.66% intraday low; 2 SNA-001 trials did not meet secondary endpoints)

Quarter 2 2018

ABEO +18.21% ($16.55 closing, in lieu of AVXS buyout)
ALNY +29% (Movers of 12 days straight gain)
ALXN +14.50% (Positive Phase 3)
ARMO +67.00% (Buyout from LLY)
AVGR +72.87% (FDA clearance on PAD device)
AVXS +81.57% ($210.46 closing,Buyout from NVS)
AXON +160% (Licensing agreement for OXB-102)
BLCM +20.29% (Clinical hold lifted studies BPX-501)
BOLD +14.76% ($32.26 closing, in lieu w/ AVXS buyout)
CARA +42.76% (joint venture with Fresenius)
CLBS +67.34% (technical breakout)
CLLS +25.38% (Pfizer 8% stake)
DCPH +47.86% (Target raised to $33 at JPMorgan)
EDAP +62.90% (received FDA clearance for Focal One)
EIGR +41.77% (expands license agreement with Merck)
GEMP +94.47% (positive INDIGO data)
GLMD +151.29% (Clinical data update)
HRTX +30.13% (positive topline data)
HTBX +94.86% (Low floater technical breakout)
INNT +41.54% (technical breakout)
KPTI +10.93% (Positive Phase 2 data)
MDGL +144.96% (MDL-3196 achieve endpoints)
MNOV +18.88% (P2 trial of MN-001 interim result)
OMER +23.31% (Earnings report reaction)
ONCE +13.37% ($70.36 closing, in lieu of AVXS buyout)
PFNX +31.15% ('positive' top-line PF70)
PTCT +27.72% (interim data FIREFISH study update)
PTCT -30.58% (negative mover from SRPT news)
PTLA +25.64% (Andexxa approved by FDA)
RIGL +16.72% (PDUFA date unchanged to April 17)
SLDB +46.36% (positive move from SRPT news)
SLS +150.72% (positive interim data from p2b NeuVax Trial)
SPPI +41.90% (update MD Anderson Phase 2 data of poziotinib)
SRPT +36.76% (preliminary positive gene therapy for DMD)
STDY +77.36% (buyout)
VBLT +39.53% (positive data MOSPD2 plaform)
VKTX +101.01% (Sympathy to MDGL data)
VLRX +76.27% (Glooko partner for V-Go SIM)
VSTM +31.39% (Poster presentation at EHA)
XBIO +103.90% (Low float technical move)
XLRN +42.79% (Luspatercept positive data)
ACAD -23.36% (report of deaths and Nuplazid, CNN report)
AKAO -24.76% (Adcom voted against BSI)
AKER -33.58% (withdraw its 510k FDA Application for PIFA Chlamydia)
AKRX -33.76% (Fresenius terminates merger)
ALKS -21.96% (FDA Refusal to File letter received for ALKS 5461)
AMRX -17.98% (earnings reaction*$15.01 closing)
ANIK -24.68% (earnings reaction)
ANIK -37.62% (CINGAL 16-02 did not achieve its primary endpoint)
AQXP -84.72% (cystitis drug fail)
ASNS -77.19% (discontinuation of Phase 2 ASN100)
BMY -7.79% ( sell off on NSCLC data, $54.08 closing)
CBIO -63.92% (slide on update CB2679d IX program)
CELG -4.47% (4/30* reaction on RTF for OZANIMOD could take up to 3 years* $87.10 closing)
CLDX -64.60% (P2b METRIC study did not meet primary endpoints)
CLSD -32.19% (Underwhelming 'postive' data )
CNAT -31.45% ($4.12 closing) Phase 2b trial of liver transplant patients misses primary endpoint
DERM -22.61% ( slump on Investor & Analyst day presentation, 5/24)
ESPR -35.11% (Safety concerns on data)
FLKS -75% (End two studies FLX-787)
INCY -22.93% (failed Phase 3 study ECHO-301 )
JNCE -33.66% (ICONIC data update)
JNCE -35.20% (underwhelming abstract)
LPTX -23.10% (Stock selling off after clinical data at AACR)
MACK -43.83% (discontinue pancreatic study)
MNLO -76.80% (failed Phase 2)
NBRV -16.57% (Company said data meets all primary endpoints)
NERV -9.56% (earnings reaction)
NKTR -41.32% (Update ASCO data NKTR-214)
NLNK -42.62% (Company review combo study after INCY & MRK failed study)
PBYI -20.67% (delayed data to 2h 2018)
PRTA -68.78% (discontinues NEOD001)
PTGX -22.38% (PTG-100 data dealyed 3Q 2018)
PTIE -71.51% (voted 14-3 against approval)
REPH -54.67% ( slumped on FDA CRL for IV Meloxicam)
SPHS -40.27% (discontinue study due to patient death)
VTVT -78.08% (Failed Phase 3 data)
Sell the Gap
CALA -2.36% (+17.3% intraday high; FDA fasttrack designation for CB-839)
CMTA -20.88% (+1.74% intraday; +6% premarket after Ph 2B data of Palovarotene treatement for FOP)
DVAX -21% (Gap up +16% on abstract data to red closed -4.56%)
RGNX +15.62% (+31% intraday high; $31.45 closing)
Reversal off Lows
BHVN +40% (reversal off low in 13 days after clinical update)
NKTR -7% (-19% intraday, dropped on BMY cancer data, $93.47 closing)
SELB +35% (reversal with four straight green days after data sell off)
VTVT +128.12% (Two days reversal move +43.25% and 84.87%)

Quarter 1 2018

ADMP +31.37% (Updates Symjepi commercialization plans, including seeking a commercial partner)
ALDR +17.37% ( Eptimezumab met primary endpoint in PROMISE 2 trial
AMAG +29.14% ( FDA approval of Amag Pharmaceuticals NDA for Makena)
ANAB +9.29% ( in lieu of DVBT move)
ANTH +43.79% ( Roth initiated w/ BUY $10 target; $2.43 closing)
APOP +37.78% (Successful transplant using ApoGraft
ARNA +28.68% (positive phase 2 reults from OASIS trial)
ARRY (+15.54%) OS data from P3 COLUMBUS trial
BLUE +10.63% ( in lieu of JUNO/ CAR- T acquisitions)
BOLD +14.86% (-23.32% after 2 days) (*positive data of 1st dose cohort of ASPIRO Ph1/2 of AT132, record high)
CALA +16.55% (Citi upgrades to BUY w/ $14 price target)
CCXI +39.42% (secures up to $100M in new capital commmitments
CHRS +30.22% (Closing at $11.85 after earning update)
CLSD +25.36% (3/6/18* 2nd day run* $12.95 closing)
CLSD +32.10% (Positive CLS-TA trial)
CRSP +14.90% ( upgraded by SunTrust and raised price target to $45 from $16)
DARE (+50.00) enters into license and collaboration agreement with SST
DVBT +25.74% ( FDA supports submission of Viaskin Peanut application)
GBT +19.07% ( FDA Breakthrough Therapy Designation for Voxelotor.)
HRTX +26.98% (Phase 3 success data HTX-011)
IMGN +18.35% ( 52 weeks high/ technical breakout)
INFI +31.40% (closing at $2.72 technical breakout day)
INNT +188.33% ( 2days run; $17.30 closing)
MDGL +10.78%
NVAX +59.40% (Price target raised to $10 FROM $2.25 at B. Riley FBR
NVRO +14.40% ( receives FDA approval for SENZA ll SCS System)
OMER +35.31% (Amid favorable Medicare Policy in Congressional Spending Bill)
PIRS (+20.14%) entered collaboration with SGEN
PTI +54.11% (FDA grants breakthrough therapy)
PTIE +103.15% (Positive Topline for Nasal Abuse
RGNX +26.90% (record high post Q4 '17 earnings report; $37.50 closing*
RKDA +311.23% (low floater with news wheat program breakthrough)
SGMO +14.41% (Collaboration with CELG)
SRNE +17.75% ( Closing at $9.95, FDA approves ZTlido)
TENX +128.45% ( announced publication of a positive pre clinical study of levosimindan* $10.60 closing)
VKTX +14.31% ( strong price of secondary $5 at 11M shares)
VTVT +28.43% ( technical breakout)
ZSAN +24.56% (3/6/18*$9.28 closing; technical run up)
ZSAN +27.25% (3/8* $18.49 closing)
ZSAN +56.57% (3/7* $14.53 closing)
ZSAN +72.20% (3/5* $7.68 closing, patent announcement rally)
ABBV -12.76% ((P2 trial Rova-T disappointing data)
ACAD -20.04% (closing at $24.92, earning report missed)
ADMS (-21.85%) Approval of a competing product from Osmotica
AKRX -38.41% (Fresenius may back out of Akorn deal if probe finds breaches)
ANTH -80.87% (Phase 3 failed)
ARDM (-33.92%) FDA Antimicrobial Drugs Advisory Committee did not rec'd approval
AXON -19.63% ( CEO Dr. Hung & COO stepped down
AXON -56.98% ( intepirdine did not meet primary endpoint
AXSM -35% ( discontinued CREATE-1 trial)
BIIB (-6.60%) Alzheimer's uncertainty result
BLCM (-25.85%) Clinical hold BPX-501
CDTX -24.05% (Stock selling after Phase 2 data update)
CELG --9.04% (closing at $87.12, refusal to file from FDA)
DERM -65.86% (Phase 3 trial failed to meet the co-primary endpoints)
EIGR (-49.38%) failed 2 LIBERTY to meet primary endpoint
EXAS -9.95% (sell off on ASCO abstract)
EYEG -41.54% ( EGP-427 P2B did not meet co- primary endpoints)
INSY -26.31% (+11.23% weekly gain Jan 2-5* despite 1 dy sell off*)
KALA -29.28% Topline result for two phase 3 trials
MDXG (-39.56%) postpones FY17 earning report
OHRP -81.33% data did not meet endpoint
PBYI -28.82% ( receives negative trend vote over MAA for Neratinib)
PTGX -57.17% (discontinue P2b PROPEL study)
PTLA -25.43% (3/1 FDA requires additional randomized trial for Andexxa/ $31.56 closing)
PTLA -6.86% ($44.91 close; receives + CHMP opinion on Andexxa, but negative on Bevyxxa)
SLDB -64.58% (Closing at $9.32,. IGNITE DMD trial put on clinical hold by FDA)
SNSS -42.39% (Delayed Next-gen BTKi due to slow enrollment)
TTPH (-60.41%) IGNITE3 trial did not achieve its co-primary endpoints
VBLT -61.03% (closing at $2.65 after failed phase 3)
VRX -11.41% (closing at $16.39, earning report missed)
Sell the Gap
AIMT -6.02% ( +12.90% intraday high; +25% premarket high; reported positive P3 Palisade trial in Peanut allergy)
ALXN +3.38% (Stock up 11% to $137.88 high from ALXN1210 data0
ARGS +.69% ( +37% after hours trading; licensed PD1 checkpoint inhibitors)
BOLD -23.30% in 2 days ( giving up all its gain after AT132 P1/2 data release)
KDMN -21.28% ( KD025 data - +10.53% intraday; +15.7% after hours, $3.81 closing)
NVAX +4.61% (3/1* +26% intraday* reports positive flu vac* $2.27 closing)
RETA -.04% ( +7.64% intraday; +8.7% after hours; says patients treated w/ Bardoxolone experienced benefits on their kidneys)
Reversal off Lows
BHVN -7.27% (from -20% premarket after P3 migraine study met endpoints)
DBVT-3.21% (-8% intraday low, in lieu of AIMT + P3 Palisade trial)
GLMD +93% in 2 days ( initially dropped -62% top-line results from the ARRIVE Trial)
KALA +32% bounce in 5 days since initial gap down reaction on P3 result of Topline data

Quarter 4 2017

ADMS +21.01% (*Evercore ISI gives it $85 price target, plus Point72 reported 5.1% passive stake*)
ANAB +101% (reported positive results of P2a ANB020)
ARDX +44.44% (*Tepanor study meets endpoints*)
ARGX +78.8% (+91% weekly gain; ASH'17 data update pn Phase 1/2 clinical trials for AML & CTCL ARGX-110)
BIOC +69.12% (* announces issuance of U.S patent core to BIOC Target Select Assays for ctDNA)
BLUE +17.91% (*ASH '17 data presentation of its Lentiglobin; record high $10bil MC)
CBIO +29.62% (announces acceleration of Phase 1/2 trial of CB 2679d/lSU304 in individuals w/ Hemophilia B)
CLSN +123.33% (*weekly gain, rallies on aanouncement of final clinical & translational research data from its OVATION Study*)
ECYT +307.8% (*weekly gain on completion of an exclusive worldwide license of PSMA-617 from ABZ GmbH*)
FLXN +23.78% (*weekly gain, FDA approved its Zilretta drug*)
INFI +123.35% (Wells Fargo Upgrade to $5PT,cites IPI-549 potential*)
MDGL +88.29% (met primary endpoint in a P2 NASH study for MGL-3196*)
MNKD +131.80% (*weekly gain, on FDA update on Affreza prescribing information*)
MRNS +39.58% (*sympathy move with MDGL*)
ONCS +60.00% updated data from P2 OMS I-102 .
OTIC +83.04% reporting 'positive' Phase 3 Otividex trial
PTI +161.28% (*positive data from PTI-428,PTI-801,& PTI-808*)
RVNC +33.65% (RT002 met primary and secondary endpoints)
SAGE +54.25% (positive trial results in postpartum depression)
VKTX +35.10% weekly gain (* sell the gap initial reaction, next 2 days +45% bounce, rally in sympathy move w/ MDGL*)
VTVT +44.82% weekly gain (rallies on increase stake of Ron Perelman)
ACOR -39.72% (tozadenant for Parkinson's groups, five of which were fatal)
ACRX -59.81% (*receives CRL from FDA for DSUVIA*)
CALA -41% in two days. (CB-839 combo fail to impress investors at SITC)
FPRX -40.90% (*tanked on Cabiralizumab abstract presented on SITC*)
GALT -30.65% (P2b NASH-CX trial update)
GBT -14.24% (ASH '17 presented treatment for SCD #Voxelotor drug.
JUNO -14.33% ~ initial reaction, -23.82% for the week* (ASH '17 reported additional data from TRANSCEND study)
JUNO -14.34% (*ASH '17 presented addtl data from TRANSCEND study of JCAR017*)
ONCE -34.97% (*ASH '17 presented SPK-8011; -50% intraday low; 52weeks low print*)
RARX -37.32% (* Met Primary Endpoint for Phase 2 RA101495, sold off on efficacy inferior to ALXN1210*
RDHL -29.60% offering of 4,090,909 American Depositary Shares, public offering price of $5.50 per ADS for gross proceeds to $22.5m
SYRS -31.69% (*ASH '17 presented new preclinical data on SY-1365; intraday low -49%)
Sell the Gap
AIMT +28.37% from +56% or 39.90 premarket high*; DVBT PH3 failure in peanut allergy is AIMT gain*
VKTX +9.12% (*+39% intraday, +52% premarket, sympathymove with MDGL on positive P2 data of MGL-3196*; after 2 days total rally +45%*)
VSTM -16.86% (+57% premarket; +10.6% intraday; ASH '17 released PH3 result of DUO*)
Reversal off Lows
BHVN -4.86% (*-28.70% intraday low, TRIGRILUZOLE Phase2/3 no difference from Placebo
GALT unchanged* weekly performance (*initial reaction is -32% 2 days rally brought it back to unchanged for the week*)
NKTR +5.71% (-5% premarket low, INHALE Ph3 study did not meet endpoint)

Quarter 3 2017

AKTX +51.20% (*Plans to advance COVERSIN towards PH3)
ALNY +49.32% (meets all endpoint for APOLLO Phase3 of PATISIRAN*)
CLSN +123.33% (*weekly gain, rallies on aanouncement of final clinical & translational research data from its OVATION Study*)
ZGNX +172.23% (*Meets endpoint ZX008 of Phase 3 trial for Dravet syndome*)
ZYNE +34.19% *ZYN002 gel meets primary endpoint in Phase 2 Fragile X syndrome trial.*
AXON -72.47% (*Failed Phase 3 MINDSET study*)
GNCA -72.40% (*Ceased GEN 003 and shifted focus towards Immunocology*)
ICPT -35.09% (FDA safety announcement on OCALIVA*)
VSAR -85.42% (*Phase 3 of SOMAVARATAN did not meet primary endpoint*)
Sell the Gap
NBRV +29.30% from +105% intraday high* (rallies on LEAP 1 trial)
Reversal off Lows
PTCT +8.05% (*-23% intraday low to positive territory*)

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