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Quarter 3 2018

Ticker Phase Drug Notes Data Results
ALDX 2 and 3 Reproxalap Ocular Phase 3 Allergic Conjunctivitis , P2b Dry Eye Disease, P3 Noninfectious Anterior Uveitis and P3 sjogren-Larsson Syndrome. All expected second half 2018
ALNY 3 ENVISION interim analysis mid-2018
AMRN 3 REDUCE-IT Topline results expected to be available before the end of Q3 2018
ARGS 2 AGS-004 interim data due 2h 2018
ATNX 3 Oraxol KX-ORAX-001 second inerim analysis in 3Q 2018
AVEO 3 TIVO-3 Data readout expected in 3Q
AXSM 2 AXS-05 ASCEND study for major depressive disorder (MDD) Topline results 2H 18
BYSI 3 Piabulin Interim P3 mid-2018
CANF 2 Namodenoson Namodenoson in the treatment of heaptacellular carcinoma (HCC) expected later in 2018
EIGR 2 Exendin 9-39 IN PBH Exedin 9-39 phase 2 PREVENT study, and Ubenimex in Lymphedema; phase 2 ULTRA study completion.
ESPR 3 Bempedoic Acid Global pivotal P3 study 2 52 weeks LDL-C
FLKS 2b COMMEND trial FLXS-787 Topline 3q 2018 Discontinue trial
MRNS 2 Intravenous (IV) ganaxolone Report top-line P2 Magnolia study in women with PPD
OBSV 2B OBE2109 due mid 2018
OCUL 3 OTX-TP Expects topline efficacy data 2h 2018
ONCS 2b PISCES/KEYNOTE-695 Dosing of first patient on Dec 14, 2017. data in 2018. (No specific quarter given)
OVID 2 OV101- STARS Enrollment i n STARS trial to adolescent Angelman syndrome. Trial to be available 2H 2018
RHDL 3 RHB-104 Topline data
SCYX 2b SCY-078 Topline data by July
TNXP 3 HONOR study of Tonmya Interim Analysis 3Q 2018;Topline results expected in 4Q 2018
URGN 3 OLYMPUS topline data
XLRN 3 MEDALIST and BELIEVE Luspatercept are expected mid-2018
ZGNX 3 ZX008 Second pivotal trial Phase 3 Dravet Synddrome program, Study 1504. Data late June early July.

Quarter 2 2018

Ticker Phase Drug Notes Data Results
ACRS 2 AT-50002 Topical Top-line data 1H 2018
ALXN 3 PREVENT and ALXN210 Data mid-2018. Eculizumab- Relapsing Neuromyelitis Optica Spectrum Disorder (NMOSD) Success
ATXI 3 IV tramadol for management of moderate to moderately severe postoperative pain in patients following bunionectomy surgery.
AXSM 3 STRIDE-1 trial of AXS-05 IN TRD, top-line data 1H 2018
BMRN 2 Hemophilia A update on the ongoing Phase 2 program with valoctocogene roxaparvovec at the World Federation of Hemophilia 2018 World Congress. May 20-24 Data were updated at World Congress
CARA 3 CR845 Acute Post-Operative Pain, data expected in 2Q
CLDX 2b METRIC Topline data likely Q2 2018 Data failed
CLSD 2 TYBEE Patients follow-up six months data -32.19% Stock reaction to 'positive' data.
CTIC 3 PIX306 trial of PIXUVRI, top-line results are expected 2Q 2018.
EDGE 3 EG-1962 Interim-topline data
ESPR 3 ASCVD and/or HeFH Statin add on Global pivotal P3 study 1, 52 weeks long term safety. Company press 'positive' data, but safety concerns dropped stock -35.11%.
FOMX 3 FMX103 Topline data mid 2018
GBT 2A HOPE-KIDS1 Top-line clinical data from voxelotor clinical trial
GEMP 2B INDIGO-1 Top-line data
GLMD 2b ARREST Phase IIB data late Q1 or early Q2 2018. Data update stock up +151.29%
GNMX 2 AEVI-001 Phase 2 (ASCEND) for patients with ADHD. Data expected mid-2018
HRTX 2 HTX-011 data likely late Q2 for kneee arthroplasty
IDRA 2 IMO-8400 Topline data in June miss primary endpoint
INCY 3 ECHO-301 Initial results of the ECHO-301 trial of epacadostat in melanoma and REACH 1 trial of ruxolittinib in acute GVHD Data failed
IONS P1/2a IONIS-SOD1 ALS Topline Data Mid Q2
JNCE 1/2 ICONIC Preliminary Efficacy data in the first half of 2018 Underwhelming abstract, stock -35.20% reaction
KPTI 2 STORM April data Positive Phase 2a
MDGL 2 MGL-3196 Final 36-week data, top line results by end of May MDGL-3196 Achieves Endpoints
MNLO 2 ATOMIK atopic dermatitis data expected April 2018 Data failed
NBRV 3 LEAP 2 Data are expecting in Spring 2018 Company press lefamulin meets all primary endpoints. Stock down -16.57%
PRTA IIb NEOD1 Top-line data Data failed, stock down -68.78%
SBBP 3 RECORLEV Top-line results on track with SONICS
SELB 2 SEL-212 Symtomatic Gout Patients. Updated Clinical data at PANLAR Congress on Tuesday, April 10, 2018
TGTX 2b UNITY-CLC Top-line ORR data
VICL 2 HSV-2 Therapeutic Vaccine
VTVT 3 STEADFAST STEADFAST study (azeliragon in Alzheimer's disease) Part A early 2018 Data failed
XLRN 3 MEDALIST and BELIEVE Data mid 2018

Quarter 1 2018

Ticker Phase Drug Notes Data Results
ACOR 3 Tozadenant Phase 3 data
AIMT 3 PALISADE "Anticipate sharing topline in first quarter 2018"
ANAB 2 ANB020 Phase 2 data readout in adult severe peanut allergy.
ANTH 3 Sollpura-RESULT data due end of Q1
ARGX 2 ARGX-113 Myasthenia gravis data
AXON 2 Intepirdine and Nelotanserin January data: HEADWAY in patients with dementia with Levy bodies (DLB). subjects with Alzheimer's disease, DLB and Parkinson's disease dementia (PDD). Nelotanserin (LBD).
AXSM 3 CREATE-1 trial of AXS-02 in CRPS, interim efficacy analysis
BHVN 3 RIMEGEPANT Top-line results
BLPH 3 INO pulse for PAH indication Topline line data
BOLD 1/2 AT132 Phase 1/2 data readout of AT132 XLMTM
Cidara Therapeutics Inc (CDTX) 2 STRIVE completing enrollment of the 90-patietn. P2 Rezafungin
CLSD 3 PEACHTREE Macular Edema Associated with Non-infectious Uveitis, top line data.
CPRX 2 CMS-001 Expect top-line results from CMS-001 in first half 2018
DERM 3 CLAREOS 1 and CLAREOS 2 October 5, 2017 completes patient enrollment in Two Phase 3 pivotal trials of Olumacostat Glasaretil for the treament of Acne Vulgaris. Topline.
EARS 3 KEYZILEN P3 TACTT3 topline data
EIGR 2 LIBERTY Ubenimex in PAH
EYEG 3 EGP-437 Topline data
FGEN 2 FG-3019 Pancreatic caner study results
FLKS 2 FLX-787 Multiples Sclerosis Readout data end of Q1
GEMP 2b INDIGO-1 top-line data
GTHX 2a trilaciclib trilaciclib first-in-line small cell lung cancer. Data in March
IDRA 2 IMO-2125 Clinical trial of 8mg intratumoral IMO-2125 in combination with ipilimumab in anti-PD1 reffractory melanoma. ORR data
MNOV 2 mn-166 Completion enrollment news on Sept 19,2017. Final data Q1
MRNS 2 CDKL5 on-going in the Magnolia Study, with data expected in early 2018
OVID 2 STARS Sometimes 2018
PTGX 2b PTG-300 interim analysis early 2018
REGN 3 Praluent ODYSSEY OUTCOMES Cardiovascular events.
TCON 2 TRAXAR trial of TRC105 Top-line data from the randomized P2
TRPX IIa THX-110 Tourette syndrome. Top-line anticipated in first half 2018
TTPH 3 IGNITE3 Additional data
VBLT 3 VB-111 top-line results
VICL 3 ASP0013 The multinational phase 3 registration trial in HCT recipients completed enrollment in Sept 2016 with a total 515 subjects.
VRTX 2 VX-445 and VX-659 triple combinations in CF patietns data 1H18
VTGN 2 AV-101 P2 monotherapy study completion expected early 2018
VTVT 3 STEADFAST STEADFAST study (azeliragon in Alzheimer's disease) Part A early 2018 Data failed

Quarter 4 2017

Ticker Phase Drug Notes Data Results
ADRO 2 CRS-207 in combination with pembrolizumab Report early observations from the ongoing phase 2 mesothelioma study
AGLE 1 AEB1102 Potential data end of year.
ANAB 2a ANB020 Multiple Top-Line Clinical data readouts expected in second half of 2017
ARDX 3 T3MPO-2 Results of Tenapanor for IIBS-C on track early Q4
AVXL 2a ANAVEX 2-73 PK/PD data
CALA 2 CB-839 In July 2017, Calithera initiated a phase 2 trial of CB-839 with pcitaxel in triple negative breast cancer patietns.
CLDX 2 Glembatumumab Vedotin The company anticipated in fall of 2017
CNCE 2b CTP-543 End of year data
CPRX 3 FirdapseĀ® Top-line Results expected in early December. Completes enrollment in second phase 3 trial on Oct 31,2017
CYTK 3 VITALITY-ALS Trial of Tirasemtiv
DBVT 3 PEPITES to report topline results from PEPITES in October 2017
EARS 3 AM-111 HEALOS The trial enrolled 256 patients with severe to profound idiopathic sudden sensorineural hearing loss.
EIGR 2 LIMT HDV interim data study at AASLD
GALT 2b NASH-CX Clinical data in December
IRWD 2 IW-1973 data from two phase IIa studies with IW-1973 in diabetic patients with hypertension are expected by end of 2017.
KDMN 2 KD025 Randomized, open-label clinical trial in idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis
KDMN 2 KD025 Randomized, open-label clinical trial in idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis and full data to severe psoriasis
KURA 2 tipifarnib Phase 2 trial of tipifarnib in HRAS mutant SCCHN second half 2017
MDGL 2 MGL-3196 for NASH Top-line results for the primary endpoint of the trial, the reduction of liver fat, assessed by MRI-PDFF at 12 weeks, are expected by year-end
MLNT 2/3 Taksta exploratory trial data in refractory bone and joint infections.
MNOV 2b SPRINT-MS/NN 102 phase 2b Trial of Ibudilast in progressive MS has been accepted for oral platform presentation at 7th Join ECTRIMS*ACTRIMS meeting October 25-28, 2017 in Paris, France
ONTX 3 INSPIRE interim analysis anticipate in Q4
RARX 2 RA101495 Cohort B of Ra Pharma's Phase 2. The company remains on track to report additional data around year-end.
RVNC 2 RT002 RT002 injectable in management of plantar fascitis
RVNC 3 SAKURA 1&2 rt002 Injectable for the treatment of glabellar (frown) lines
SAGE 2 SAGE-217 SAGE-217 in PPD and essential tumor 2H2017
SGEN 3 ADCETRIS Full data from ADCETRIS phase 3 ECHELON-1 trial
STML 2 SL-401 In Blastic Plasmacytoid Dendritic Cell Neoplasm (BPDCN). Top line results in 2h17
SYRS 2 SY-1425 on track to present initial phase 2 clinical data
TGTX 2 TG-1101 multiples sclerosis trial update
VKTX 2 VK5211 Phase 2 hip fractured study full enrolled, data expected Q4 '17. From Aug 19 press released

Quarter 3 2017

Ticker Phase Drug Notes Data Results
ABBV 3 SELECT-BEYOND top-line data likely 3Q
ABUS 2 HBV ARB1467 data
ABUS 2 ARB-1467 top-line results from the three-month bi-weekly dosing expect to be announced in September
ALDX 2A ADX-102 Clinical trial in Dry Eye Disease
ALNY 2 hempohillia Fitusiran PII OLE dadta
ALNY 3 APOLLO results for Patisiran in near term
ANAB 2a ANB020 Multiple Top-Line Clinical data Readouts expected in Second half of 2017
ANTH 2 BRIGHT BRIGHT study of blisibimod in IgA
ARRY 3 BEACON CRC data from the safety due at ESMO
AXON 3 Alzheimer's disease Data to be out in September 2017
AZRX IIa MS1819 expect completion Phase IIa in 3Q
BLPH 2a PH-IPF "results of this study in near futture" -Mr. Tenenbaum
FOLD 3 SD-101 SD-101 for Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB), Top-line P3 late 3Q
GILD 2 GS-0976 NASH data
GTXI 2 Enobosarm top-line results in 3Q
INSM 3 ARIKAYCE data out in September
KDMN 2 KD025 Open-label, dose finding clinical trial in chronic graft-versus-host disease. Also Tesevatinib data
MDCO 3 Meropenem-Vaborbactam TANGO 2 end of 3Q
MRNS 2 CDKL5 Phase 2 trial evaluating children with CDKL5 disorder
NBRV 3 Infections LEAP 1 data.
OTIC 3 AVERTS-1 Phase 3 AVERTS-1 trial for OTIVDEX(tm) in September
RDHL 2 BEKINDA IBS-D data in September
SAGE 3 Brexanolone in SRSE top-line results from STATUS trial
STML 2 SL-401 top-line results in 2h17
VNDA 2 Tradipitant study for treatment of chronic pruritus in patients with atopic dermatitis.
VSAR 3 Pediatric GHD Top line from pediatric phase 3 Velocity trial around end of September
VSTM 3 Duvelisib Phase 3 DUO top-line latter part of summer
ZGNX 3 ZX008 Top-line results of first Phase 3 Clinical trial of ZX008 in Dravet Syndrome
ZYNE 2 FAB-C top-line results from the FAB-C Fragile X study in September

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