TradersFish ​​FAQ

TradersFish ​​FAQ

1. What is TradersFish?

  • TradersFish is a FREE informational stock market website content. Our mission is to provide important data that are unique in the market and its participants, which will be helpful to traders and investors make educated decisions.
  • Our site provides: Upcoming biotech data, UNIQUE Biotech Success Speculation formula, Earning recaps, Major index and Stock Performance by weekly and quarterly, Collection of Wall Street rumors buyout, Compilation of Goldman Sachs Conviction buy coverage, and Calendar for market events.
  • Why Fish? We used the term "Fish" to describe Traders/Investors.
  • TF is abbreviation of TradersFish.

2. What is Stock Performance Tab?

  • Index and Stocks weekly performance ~ the performance calculation is based on per trading week, like Monday -Friday, not like the traditional literal weekly or 7 days calculation. The ‘notes’ section is instated if there is a significant move during that trading week.
  • Index and Stocks Quarterly performance ~ the performance calculation is based on beginning and last day of quarter period.
  • Earnings Price Reaction ~ is a notation of price behavior. Sell the gap means the rally has been sold off or faded. Reversal off lows means the sell off were absorbed by buyers or tremendous bounce off lows. Winners means stable rally. Losers means no bounce in sight during that day.

3. What is buyout rumors? Are these real rumors?

  • This is a collection of rumors spreaded from social media. Take it for grains and salt, but it's good to track them because these rumors spikes the subject equity, some of these rumors materialize, some does not, some rumors recycles every quarter. " Buy the rumour, Sell the news". Is a paradigm in Wall Street.

4. What is Earning Reports and Why  limited?

  • believes in simplicity. We only tracks the top companies per sector, because these companies influences stock market futures and set trends for the quarters earnings season. Also, these companies offers best volatility movement during earnings report. Traders opt to trade volatile movers as it offers substantial liquidity. If you feel like there are names we should be add to the Earning Reports list, feel free to email us your request and we will look into it.

5. What is community?

  • This is where investors and traders get to share their ideas, thoughts and informational content with others. There is no limit to numbers of blog or content you share, we highly encourage you to interact with TradersFish community and share the ideas to help each other succeed. Be respectful to other opinions, no abusive comments and no spamming, or your account will be deleted.

6. How do I join or post in the community?

  • Only registered members can posts and comments. Membership is FREE.
  • All you have to do is register with your email and create a unique username or you can use your GOOGLE+ or your FACEBOOK account as well (* Through FB & GOOGL signup it will automatically generate you a uniwue Username*). Once you're registered pick a category on community, write post to share with others and reply on topics that interests you.
  • Only your Username will be displayed on your blog posts and comments, your email is safe with us.

7. What is the Calendar?

  • This is where we share FDA PDUFA date, MACRO events and Upcoming Earning Reports, all in one calendar for your convenience.

8. What is Education Tab?

  • It is a basic introduction on stock market and trading strategy. It is easy to navigate, each sub menus category is a self explanatory title. Technical is referred to as charts.

9. What is Earnings Price Reaction versus Earnings recap?

  • We have two Earnings category but differs on data's input.
  • Earnings recap ~ the data input is per Company’s quarterly reported EPS, Revenue, closing price during earnings report date, high and low price of day.
  • Earnings Price Reaction ~ the data input is solely based on price performance, notating price behavior during that earnings report day.

10. What is TF blogs?

  • TF is abbreviation of TradersFih. TF blogs are written only by authorized admin personnel. TF members can freely post comment on blogs.

11. How do I contact TradersFish admin or support team?


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