All Time High U.S. Households Debts and Stocks Price Q3 2017.

Kristin Alonzo

05-Dec-2017 08:01 AM



The all time high word is a cliche these days, applicable to stock market price levels and to U.S. household debts  as well.  During Q3 U.S. total debt risen to $12.96 Trillion, surpassing the peak of Q3 2008 total debt by $280bil.  

See table below*

Perhaps this time is different from 2008, with the rising strong economy, the debt goes along with it.  After the data revealed, IMF warned about debt binges, says it will be short lived

Stocks and ETF's Quarterly and YTD Performance:




05-Dec-2017 08:46 AM

Amazing info. Thanks.

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