Apple Cash Pile is Equivalent to its 5 Quarters Revenue.

Kristin Alonzo

05-Nov-2017 20:30 PM



Apple (AAPL) total revenue for 2017 is $229.30B, with its current cash pile of $268.9B  (up $7.4B from last quarter), it is equivalent of 1 year and 1 quarter revenue! Apple is the outstanding most valuable company in the world, by market capitalization and all metrics.  Apple growing cash is a great sample of compounding power. 

Here is what Apple reported for Q4 2017:

  •  Eps  $2.07  est. $1.87
  •  revenue  $84B  est. $85.31B
  • iPhone sold 46.68M  vs. 45.51M last year;
  • iPad 10.33M  vs. 9.27M; Mac units 5.39  vs.  4.89M last year;
  • Other products  revenue  $3.23B  vs. $2.37B last year;
  • Services revenue  $8.5B  vs.  $6.32B
  • Cash pile $261.5Bil  compared to $256.8B last year.
  • Per Friday's close Apple hits $900bil market capitalization. 
  • Source

See chart of iPhone sales and revenue for 4th quarter period in 7 years history.

  • Revenue and iPhone sales peaked on fourth quarter of 2015, per data.
  • For fiscal year of 2017 it has started to recover.
  • Notice the 2017 revenue grew more than 2015 peak; despite iPhones sales unit is well below 1.36M  compared to 2015.

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