Biotech Movers for Q4 2017


06-Dec-2017 07:58 AM



      Biotechnology one of the most volatile  sector on the stock market. Here are the list of the most notable winners and losers for Q4 2017. To see details visit our tab Biotechnology>Biotech Movers

Winners: Market Cap (based on 12/05/2017 closed)

  1. Adamas Pharmaceuticals Inc (ADMS:NASDAQ):  MC $784.58M
  2. Ardelyx Inc (ARDX:NASDAQ): MC $272.84M
  3. Celsion Corp (CLSN:NASDAQ): MC $38.54M
  4. Endocyte Inc (ECYT:NASDAQ): MC209.07M
  5. Flexion Therapeutics Inc (FLXN:NASDAQ): MC $955.02M
  6. Infinity Pharmaceuticals Inc (INFI:NASDAQ): MC $91.24M
  7. MannKind Corp (MNKD:NASDAQ): MC $345.76M
  8. OncoSec Medical Inc (ONCS:NASDAQ): MC $69.07
  9. Otonomy Inc (OTIC:NASDAQ): MC  $154.73M
  10. Revance Therapeutics Inc (RVNC:NASDAQ): $1,074.82M
  11. Sage Therapeutics Inc (SAGE:NASDAQ): MC $3,685.88M


  1. Acordia Therapeutics (ACOR:NASDAQ): MC $956.04M
  2. AcelRx Pharmaceuticals Inc (ACRX:NASDAQ): MC $110.75M
  3. Calithera Biosciences Inc (CALA:NASDAQ): MC $354.80M
  4. Galectin Therapeutics Inc (GALT:NASDAQ) MC $61.30m
  5. Five Prime Therapeutics Inc (FPRX:NASDAQ): MC $710.81M
  6. Ra Pharmaceuticals Inc (RARX:NASDAQ): MC$180.36M
  7. Redhill Biopharma Ltd (RDHL:NASDAQ): MC $98.821M


      There are two upcoming macro events for biotech: San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium (SABCS) and American Society of Hematology (ASH) 59th Annual meeting. The Calendar to track PDUFA, Macro event and earning reports

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