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24-Jan-2018 09:20 AM



      "Buy the rumor, sell the news." Veteran trader know this quote too well, and if you're a beginner trader here is quick run down. In particular financial market, there are  daily rumors from individual company news : earnings number, drug trial, and buyout. Trader will buy into the rumor, and will sell  when the news is released.

        One of Wall Street most notable rumor sector are coming from biotechnology. Most of the time these rumors are about stock 'buyout' potential and that's why we keep track of the daily rumors. Take it for grain of salt, but these rumor can come true. Here are the list of biotech favorite rumor stocks:

  1. Juno Therapeutics Inc (JUNO)-rumor started back in September 2017 and buyout in Jan 16, 2018
  2. ACADIA Pharmaceuticals Inc (ACAD)
  3. TESARO Inc (TSRO)
  4. Radius Health Inc (RDUS)
  5. Sarepta Therapeutics Inc (SRPT)

This graph shown the most rumor stocks. To see the rest of 'Buyout Rumor' list. The site link here

      Biotech stocks usually need money for clinical trials after big run, here are the most recent secondary offering.

  • AERI files to sell $75M in common stock. 1.3M share secondary priced at $59.20
  • FPRX files to sell $75M in common stock. 
  • SYBX $5.13 share secondary priced at $9.75
  • ADMS $3M share secondary priced at $41.50
  • RARE $4.4M share secondary priced at $57.00
  • STML $3.7M share secondarr priced at $14.00

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