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     February, has been quite month for the biotech sector, there are no merger and acquisition yet (two trading days left), and this month performance: iShares Nasdaq Biotechnology ETF (IBB:NASDAQ) down -5.55% , and Spdr S&P Biotech Etf  (XBI:NYSE) -3.07%. For the Year-To-Date (YTD) performance these two ETFs still up IBB +4.42%, XBI +9.86% as of Feb 26, 2018 close. 

     In the first quarter of 2018, there were numerous big movers from failed/success biotech clinical data news, collaboration, technical breakout and FDA news. Most notable winners are: ALDR +17.37%, PIRS +20.14%, AMAG +29.14%, and ANTH +43.79%. Most notable Losers are: ADMS -21.85%, ARDM -33.92%, AXON -56.98% and BLCM -25.85%. You can see the complete list from our, Biotech Movers tab

     Looking forward to March, there are numerous 1Q 2018 biotech data left.  Here are the top 10 upcoming biotech data with possibly big percentage movers.:

  1. AnaptysBios Inc  (ANAB:NASDAQ)
  2. Biohaven Pharmaceutical Holdings (BHVN:NYSE)
  3. Cidara Therapeutics Inc (CDTX:NASDAQ)
  4. Clearside Biomedical Inc (CLSD:NASDAQ)
  5. Dermira Inc (DERM:NASDAQ)
  6. Fibrogen Inc (FGEN:NASDAQ)
  7. G1 Therapeutics Inc (GTHX:NASDAQ)
  8. Regeneron Pharmaceuticals Inc (REGN:NASDAQ)
  9. Tracon Pharmaceuticals Inc (TCON:NASDAQ)
  10. Vascular Biogenics Ltd (VBLT:NASDAQ)

See full list here

     About 7 years ago, when I decided to become a full time investor and trader. The sector interested in my heart was biotechnology. The potential new innovation medicines that can change lives, the volatile that the sector bring, the adrenaline of the known unknown, and the constant research and due diligence. These were all the things i love about biotech.

     Unfortunately, not all biotech clinical data will  succeed. I've watched veterans, newbies and myself part of some bad investment even with the most thorough due diligence. Then I started to keep track as much as I can from the biotech clinical  data success and failed. I've found out there are many common reasons why some fail and other success and started to put into formula to help myself and others.  This formula, turned into  "Biotech Calculator". With 83% accuracy predicting data. You can read more here

     Keep in mind, that nothing is 100% guaranteed when it come to biotech data, and no one is perfect when it come to making investment. The best we can do is use as many tool guide out there to help with our research, and also use our brain. 

Here are the most recent biotech calculator predicting correct clinical data result

     Be open minded when you use this #BiotechCalculator.We wish you the best with your investment.

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