Bitcoin Vs Stock Top Performance


25-Dec-2017 19:40 PM



      All I want for Christmas this year  is one Bitcoin, but Santa did not deliver because maybe he think I'm naughty or that one Bitcoin is worth $13,632.0 (at moment of writing this blog, don't blink, it will change fast) was too pricey for Santa's  budget. I'm a nice person, so, it's the latter. 

     There is a high odd that this holidays get together with your family and friends, the topic of  "Bitcoin" and "Cryptocurrency" sooner or later will be in discussion. It's the most talked and crowded trade/investment this year in the financial market. Bitcoin Investment Trust (GBTC:OTCQX) Year-To-Date return +1,500% and Bitcoin BTC/USD (BTC.X) hit 52 week high at $19,891 before the volatility pullback over the weekend. 

      Bitcoin is the top Cryptocurrency performance for this year, but what about the top stock performance? like Gravity Co Ltd (GRVY:NASDAQ), XOMA Corp (XOMA:NASDAQ), and Marinus Pharmaceuticals Inc (MRNS:NASDAQ). Chances are you rarely know these stocks because it is less crowded trade, but if you own them. Kudos to you. Here is the graph for this year top 500% stocks performance and Bitcoin. 

     There are only four trading days left for 2017 year. After seeing Bitcoin and the top stock performance, I'm already on the search for 2018 hidden stock performance. This lead me to ask you two questions, where do you think Cryptocurrency will be in 2018? and what are your top stocks ideas for 2018?

Thanks for reading. Happy Holidays.

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