Black Swan Recap

Kristin Alonzo

11-Oct-2018 08:49 AM



Finally, something new to write about other in stock market other than the daily record levels. Yesterday the market tumbled in levels not seen since 2015 ( Brexit) sell-off, per intraday %tile basis, however, the Brexit levels were more on a brief sell-off, we have seen significant buyers on the dip - yesterday was the opposite, it was intense selling all day that the market closed at low of day. Below are October 10, 2018 closing performance.

  • SPX -3.29%;  SPY -3.17%
  • DJIA -3.15%;  DIA -3.09%
  • COMPQ -4.08%;  QQQ -4.40%
  • IBB -3.32%;  XBI -3.36%
  • IWM -2.87%
  • IYT -4.01%

The notorious mega technology stocks have suffered big losses yesterday as well, the last worst sell-off they have had was back in June 2017 was the median sell off at 5%, yesterday Amazon and Netflix exceeded that threshold.

  • Netflix -8.38%
  • Amazon -6.15%
  • Microsoft -5.43%
  •  Apple -4.63%
  • Alphabet -4.63%  (GOOGL)
  • Facebook -4.13%

Other Stocks 10/10/2018 Performance:

  • Nvidia -7.48%
  • Alibaba -5.89%
  • Booking Holdings -4.37%
  • Intel Corp. -3.76%
  • IBM -3.09%
  • Oracle -3.01%
  • Tesla -2.25%
  • Micron Technology -1.56%

Albeit the pullback yesterday, mostly ETF & Stocks are still trailing on the positive levels YTD.  Let's reminisce the 2017 Stock Performances to see how far they have come.  The difference between 2017 & now, is the 10Y  Yield - which is now hovering above 10%.

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