Can Apple (AAPL) Hits the First $1 Trillion Mark by Year End?

Kristin Alonzo

04-Nov-2017 19:26 PM



Apple (AAPL) the largest Company in the world is set to report its  Q4 2017 earnings.  Market Capitalization as of 10/31/17 close is at $861.15B. 16% away from Trillion mark.  

Earnings Look:

See graph on Apple (AAPL) iPhone sales, earnings per share and revenue in the last 7 years.  *Note: EPS is calculated as 7x  since Q3 2014, as Apple had stock split of 7:1* If we input it as is, we will get a declining graph*

  • 1st Quarter period is known to be largest volume in sales because it reflects new iPhone model and holiday sales.
  • Apple highest  iPhone sale for Q4 period was in 2015, it sold 48.04M units versus 45.50 in 2016.  
  • Highest revenue and earnings per share record for Q4 period was on 2015.
  • Record volume of iPhone sales was in Q1 of 2017, 78.40 million units sold.

All eyes on Apple guidance guidance for Q1 2018 if it can blow past above historic sale for the 1st quarter period.

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