Grand Finale Tech Party? - Alphabet, Amazon, Netflix, and Facebook

Kristin Alonzo

22-Jun-2018 08:59 AM



The stock market's usual suspect - of record high prints are on a steady run since late 2016 up to date, despite stumbling into correction February this year.  The popular leading tech giants Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, and Alphabet (Google) printed a record high altogether last Wednesday - Alphabet has been lagging on catching record high theme rallies since February. The  Microsoft was just a bit 3 pennies shy to tag the high levels. 

At the time of this rally, the SPX is 3.5% away from high and Dow Jones - 7.5% from highs, and Apple -iPhone maker -4% from high - it remains to be the most valuable company Market Cap at $908B.

As of 6/21/18 Market Capitalization:

  • Amazon - $832B
  • Alphabet (Google) - $805B
  • Microsoft - $769B
  • Facebook - $570B
  • Netflix - $175B

Could this be the top? or the beginning of a Trillion Market Cap era?  We shall find out soon in the coming days,

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