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11-Nov-2017 22:48 PM




TradersFish BIotech Success Speculation Probability (TFBSS)- A unique mathematical calculator predict biotech data outcome. This is only to be use as Speculation only. Full explanation here.

  I started my journey in the stock market with the primary focused trading and investing in biotechnology sector. I had my joyed of success and also the sorrow of losing, but my winning always outweigh my losses. I've also witnessed many newbies or beginner traders took high risk by going "All-in" or "bet" more than they can afford to lose with binary event biotech.  That's a big NO!!!

  There was one time, I saw a veteran trader so bullish on a company upcoming Phase 3 trial readout  this person  would "gamble" with everything he had, sadly, the company failed to met their primary and secondary endpoints. This person is no longer involved with the stock market. This is just one separate  incident, but there are countless of traders/investors out there would do the same because they "believe" in their top notch due diligence. I want to remind you, nothing is guaranteed with biotech stock. Applied good risk management is key to longevity.

  After witnessing  many people losses their hard earning money, I asked myself if there is anything can do to bring awareness to  people willing to risk for Phase 2 and Phase 3 trial data readout. I began my research;  logged notes for companies that failed and notes for companies that succeeded.  I’ve found out that companies that failed have some common metric and same for companies succeeded. After years of keeping records, I’ve came up  this useful and unique formula;  it worked 83% of the time and put it into a calculator. I have used it whenever i want to know the odd involved.

  This calculator only for Phase 2 and 3 because they are higher risk compare to Phase 1. Only use this as speculation and not as investment advice. Other factor is your own due diligence not included.


There are three basic steps to use this calculator. 1. Select phase (2 or 3). 2 select disease area (list provided). 3. Select current Market Cap

The baseline percentage is 50%. If after input all three criteria, if our unique calculator came out over 50% then trial likely to succeed, if under 50% it's a fail. 


Here are some example of these upcoming data for Q4.

Ticker: ANAB

Phase: 2

Disease: Allergy

Market Cap (MC): $300-$999M

The result 

Ticker #RVNC

Phase 3:

Disease- Others

Market Cap: $300-$999M 

The result 

***Only use for educational purpose only and as speculation. 

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Disclaimer! This is NOT an investment advice. The data result herein is purely speculation only. You must do your own due diligence and mitigate your risk. You acknowledge that will not be held responsible and accountable for any losses you may incur using our Biotech Data Calculator. Please consult your own financial adviser before executing trades.