How To Use Stock Earning Report Data


14-Feb-2018 21:36 PM



     Corporate earnings are important update for investors to keep track, it will give you insight how well the company are doing financially and its futures growth. Publicly listed corporations are required by law to report quarterly earnings, and there are thousand of them, we keep track of the most notable company with potential big impact on the stock price movement. 

     How to use stock earning report to benefits your trading/investing strategy:

  • The earning report tab should be utilized as informational content only (Always double check for accuracy)
  • The  Earning Per Share (EPS) is a company's profit divided by its number of common outstanding shares. All company will provided this number for their quarterly report. 
  • Take note the company's revenue quarter by quarter to see how well they are doing, financially.
  • The notes column is where we keep track of company guidance outlook, stock movement reaction and any divided change or buyback etc..
  • The graph and chart are for visualization. Important to keep track as much info as you can on the company, this will help you become better decision maker.
  • The stock high and low are key metric for technical trader to use. They will be the key to resistance and support. 

   Before Twilio Inc (TWLO:NYSE) released their Q4 earning reports yesterday, this is a perfect example how we used these information to helped me made over 200% on calls trade.

 As you can see, the company already gave out their Q4 guidance as a beat. I decided to use these information for my benefits and took risk on calls. Thankfully, it turned out just as planned. We keep track these numbers to help us become a better decision maker and we want to share it with our visitors. The earning report trade is always high risk, but if you have enough information on your side then the risk is minimal.

 We hope you continue to visit our site to find it useful as it did for us.

Disclosure: We do not hold any long position as of 2/14/2018 market closed. Stock earning report guidance is important and we do not know what Twilio Inc (TWLO:NYSE) guidance will be for next quarter. There are risk involved when it come to earning report and you must do your own due diligence. There are several factors to consider such as: future guidance, profit/operating margin. We are not responsible for any trade loss.

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