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08-Mar-2018 08:12 AM



     As corporate earning reports coming to near close for Q4 2017. There are many winners, losers, sell the gap, and reversal off lows price reaction. We are proud and the only website that kept these four categories post earning price recap. We do it because we know it will help investors and traders to become a better decision maker.

     There are fear when corporate about to post their quarterly earning report, most investor/trader out there want nothing to do with it until the numbers come out. I think that's a very smart decision, unless you like to gamble. Fortunately, one of the four categories we kept track is post price earning report winners. This is for earning big movers as the company posted great earning per share (EPS) and revenue. As a result, these stocks continues to carry on their momentum as investors cheer on to their grow. 

     I randomly selected 10 winners stocks from the list of "Stock Earning Price Reaction Recap" to see how well they performance up until now. These are the stocks:

  1. Axon Enterprise Inc (AAXN:NASDAQ)
  2. Booking Holdings Inc (BKNG:NASDAQ)
  3. Fortinet Inc (FTNT:NASDAQ)
  4. GrubHub Inc (GRUB:NYSE)
  5. Intel Corp (INTC:NASDAQ)
  6. Netflix Inc (NFLX:NASDAQ)
  8. Solaredge Technologies Inc (SEDG:NASDAQ)
  9. Twilio Inc (TWLO:NYSE)
  10. Veeva Systems Inc (VEEV:NYSE)

Full complete list here

     The graph above show you the value difference from post earning report up until March 7, 2018 closing price. You can see if you trade anytime post earning report, you'd be up good. 

      This graph here show you the percentage increase post earning reports. This is why it's good to pay attention which company posted great earning report. You can review at our site stock earning report data recap and be better informed

     In conclusion, the stock earning price reaction recap is one of our unique stock market data. If you use it wisely, it will be beneficial to your decision making. 

Thanks for reading. We hope you like our blog info.

Disclosure: We do not hold any position from stocks mentioned above. These are ideas and for educational purpose only. Do you own due diligence and seek financial adviser for your investment. We are not responsible for any trade loss.

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