How to Use TradersFish Stocks Weekly Performance Data in Trades Execution.

Kristin Alonzo

08-Jan-2018 23:58 PM



We created website to share you, our fellow market participants our unique and simplified data, that can empower your trading/investing analysis.  Making it easy for all levels  to comprehend data.  I have curated this data as it comes very handy during times of stocks volatility.  It is difficult  to analyze charts when the stock is making an irrational move, as you need to quickly identify the pivots support or resistance level, or recognize trends as soon as possible  to make a conviction trade.  Our Weekly Performance Data  the levels are already written out, coupled with notes if there is particular events during that trading week.

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HOW  to utilize our Stocks Weekly Performance in real time execution:

On Wednesday, Jan 3, 2018, after market close, Tesla  #TSLA  reported its Q4 2017 car deliveries and productions, initial reaction was SELL, during regular trading hours after the announcement, Tesla was trading at -3.5% intraday on heavy volume, low of 305.68, toying on 300 support. Tesla fell below notable daily moving averages, such as 20, 50 & 200ma, in short the sky is falling scenario.  I pulled out our weekly data for Tesla, and immediately noticed, it has been on consecutively red in the last 2 weeks, totaling 10% drop.  

My conclusion was bad news has been “anticipated”  by the market, as our weekly data suggests, with that impression, so I pulled the trigger to execute Tesla bounce through option calls.  

Tesla calls entry was executed when underlying was at $308, trade entry $1.40 ($140) per contract - sold at $2.84 ($284) per contract, net profit +102% return.  The strategy aforementioned can be executed via commons as well.  

Thank you for reading and hope the data or articles we shared helps your trading/ investing strategy.  If you like it, do not forget to give us feedback!

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