ICYMI. Weekly Stock Market Recap. July 16-20, 2018


20-Jul-2018 21:29 PM



   In case you missed this past week stock market movers news. The most notable action this past week was coming from the technology sector, most notable are Netflix, Inc (NFLX), and Microsoft Corp (MSFT).

Monday financial sector leading the market from corporate earnings. Dow +44.61 points, SPY -0.07%, QQQ -0.24%, IBB -0.73%.

  • Prime Day first day, stock rallies to all-time high
  • Tesla Inc (TSLA) stock slide from Must's tweet rescue cave diver
  • CRISPR Therapeutics AG (CRSP) crisper names stock fall after study finds 'large deletions' in DNA breaks.
  • Netflix (NFLX) Q2 earnings report

Tuesday the US market reaction to corporate earnings reports and pushed NASDAQ to record highs. Dow Jones +53.53 points, SPY +0.39%, IBB +0.75%, QQQ +0.61%.

  • Goldman Sachs Group Inc (GS) earnings report
  • Cellectar Biosciences Inc (CLRB) reports a 94% reduction in tumor burden in the patient in CLR 131 study
  • hit a record high on the second day of Prime Day sales.  All-time high at $1,851.69

Wednesday Dow Jones rallies for 3rd straight day up +79.40 points, SPY +0.21%, QQQ -0.19%, IWM +0.28%, IBB -0.12%.

  • Alphabet Class A (GOOGL) EU fines Google $5B over Android apps
  • Cti Biopharm Corp (CTIC) data delayed until 2Q 2019
  • Papa John's International Inc (PZZA)  chatter buyout rumor from Wendys Co (WEN)

Thursday US stock pullback, Dow Jones -134.79 points, SPY -0.39%, IWM +0.68%, IBB +0.10%.

Friday Trump says he's 'ready to go' with $500 billion in tariffs on all China imports and overnight China Yuan at the lowest level since 2016. Dow Jones closed -6.51%, SPY -0.10%,IWM -0.41%, IBB -0.08%. The US market indices closed flat. 

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