#JPM18 Big Cap Biotech Recap


09-Jan-2018 20:51 PM



These are big cap biotech recap news at #JPM18. The stock price, as of Jan 09, 2018 closed.

  • Allergan Plc (AGN- Stock get updated from CEO, Saunders. call Botox a '$2.8 billion fortress', company's see FY18 revenue $15B-$15.3B vs $15.61B esttimate. Stock up +2.98% to $175.65.
  • Alnylam Pharmaceuticals Inc (ALNY)- restructuring with SNY. ALNY will get TTR and SNY take hemophilia. Stock up 1.21% to $130.74
  • Celgene Corp (CELG)- Nears deal to buy Impact Biomedinces for as much as $7B.  See Q4 revenue $3.48B vs $3.46B est. Stock up +1.26% to $105.49
  • Gilead Science Inc (GILD)- stock up +4.97% with CEO, John Miligan went on CNBC interviewed.  HIV is current growth.Stock up +4.97% to $78.10
  • Illuminia Inc (ILMN)- Thermo Fisher announce commerical agreement for Ion AmpliSeq. Report preliminary Q4 revenue $775M vs $736.6M. Stock up +6.93% to $242.80
  • Incyte Corp (INCY)- Social media speculating #NKTR drug is better. Stock down -4.48% to $96.29
  • Johnson & Johnson (JNJ)- CEO interviewed on CNBC says competition is good for the industry. Declined to comment in talk with Amazon drug distribution. Stock up +1.59% to $144.14
  • Vertex Pharmaceuticals Inc (VRTX)- global CF revenue view to $2.1B-$2.15B vs $1.79B-$2.01B. Stock down -0.56% to $156.01

Stay tuned, we'll update on these big cap biotech if there are any news release this week.

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