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      The first week trading of 2018 year started out with a bang, with the rallied from the tech sector uplifting the market.  On Thursday,  private job data reported beat expectation and push the Dow Jones over 25,000, the S&P 500 record high at 273.56 and the Russell 200 record high at 155.15. The notable weak sector this week was biotech, but with #JPM18 Healthcare Conference next week could change the sector strength. 

     Every week there are hundreds of news from the stock market, how do you keep track of all? Well, here at we believe in simplicity; we keep track of the big names stocks, notable moving news and the rest is just noise.  In case you are miss the market movers this week (We won't, the market is our passion), we are here to keep you informed with our weekly recap. Here are this week recap:

Monday: U.S market closed


  • #NFLX- 'Best Idea for 2018" at Loop Capital. Stock +4.75% closed at $201.70
  • #BABA  Notable strength on recent survey that it has outperformed Alphabet browser in Asia. Stock rallies +6.51% closed at $183.65


  • #AMD One of Top 10 US ideas for Q1 2018 at BofA/Merrill. Stock up+5.19% closed at $11.55
  • #ONCE prices the first U.S. gene therapy drug at $850,000. Stock up 4.60% closed at $55.76
  • #SGMO $12 million ALS gene therapy collaboration with Pfizer. Stock pop and faded, -0.85% closed at $17.40
  • #NVDA Intel (INTC)  chip security flaw help boosted semiconductor stock. NVDA stock up +6.58% closed at $212.47
  • #ROKU announce plans to bring Manavox ROku TVs to market. Stock up +6..47% closed at $55.44


  • #TSLA pushed back a production target for its Model 3 and fourth-deliveries of sedan miss analyst estimates.
  • US pivate sector added 250k jobs in Dec, vs estimate 190k
  • Dow hit over 25,000 for the first time ever
  • #SNAP downgraded to Underperform at Cowen, price target to $11.00


  • #OHRP data did not met secondary and primary endpoint. Stock down -81.33%
  • #TIG Takeda announces intention to acquire Tigenix NV. Stock up 72.09%
  • #ROKU end the week with back to back day downgraded. Stock down -9.68%
  • #KALA data update of two phase 3 data. Stock down -29.28%

Happy weekend, everyone.

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