Netflix Q3 '17 earnings recap #NFLX

Kristin Alonzo

17-Oct-2017 20:55 PM



Another lifetime high for Netflix #NFLX, post Q3 earnings report. Numbers reported:

Revenues reported on Netflix is immaterial to Wall Street. The sole focus is subscribers numbers; growth; and additions; See chart below: 

Graph shown covers YoY period.  Netflix has statiscally exceeded beat its own membership addition; mean upside revision on actual vs. estimate net addition at 30%.  Moving forward to Domestic vs. International subscription growth, it has sustained exponential growth outside U.S. YoY Intl growth rate at 26%; It is obviously that Netflix dominates online movies streaming, while subscription and content grows, its content budget expands as well from $6billion to now projection of $7-$8 billion in 2018.  Netflix stock price expands along with its spectacular subscription growth:  

NFLX chart after earnings report:

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