Restored Market by PPT

Kristin Alonzo

04-Mar-2019 07:05 AM



The stock market is predominantly fueled by emotions - Fear and Greed;  Irrational than Rational;  logic is not applicable during market turmoil nor market euphoria.  One of the recent occurrences of this behavioral investing was the 4Q of 2018, whereas the Index lost a median of 15% in just 3months. The market slump was Fed-induced, as back then the Federal Reserve Chairman Powell was stiff or hawkish on rate outlook.  Fear escalated furthermore on his December statement saying that he sees no problem with balance sheet runoff.  Stock market participants took that message into the sell button as the message implied as another path to tightening.

The market began recovery, only after the FED flipped to dovish tone.  It seems that all is well, as the stock market is back to where it was pre-crash levels. We are looking at either breakout or breakdown scenarios from this point.

During those rowdy-dowdy times here are the monthly performances: 

Top Index as of 3.1.19 closing

IBB the stunner comeback as multiple acquisition announcements since January of this year.

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