Stock Earning Report Reaction Q1 2018.


07-Feb-2018 17:21 PM



     Corporate's earning reports are crucial to keep track, the numbers provides the insight how well the companies are doing financially and growing future.  As investor and trader, these number will help us make better decision whether to continue to stay long or move to different company. Here are more reasons why we keep track of stock earning reports:

  1. Know what you own
  2. How profitable the company are
  3. Earnings will drive stock prices
  4. Future prospects of the company
  5. Upcoming catalyst (this apply mostly for biotech stock)
  6. Company's guidance

     To see the complete list of Q1 2018 stock earning report price reaction recap, visit our link here

     This is the list of earning recap, we only keep track of the most notable companies, because they have the best price reaction

Let's us know if there are company out there you would like us to keep track. It's free to sign up and give feedback

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