The 2017 Biotech Stocks Recap


31-Dec-2017 13:12 PM



     The 2017 year has come to the end for U.S. stock market. This year, the leading sector of all was....(drum roll, please)... Spdr S&P Biotech Etf (XBI:NYSE) up 42.26% for the year, while the iShares Nasdaq Biotechnology ETF (IBB:NASDAQ) up 19.92%. Here is the blog for the other sector performance

     The notable big cap winners are:

  • Alnylam Pharmaceuticals Inc (ALNY) +233.82%
  • ILLumina Inc (ILMN) +69.74%
  • Vertext Pharmaceuticals Inc (VRTX) +101.32%

     Two of these winners are on our speculation buyout list ideas for 2018

     The small cap biotech etf, (XBI), up 42.26% for the year with the astronishing performance from these small cap biotech.

  • Marinus Pharmaceuticals Inc (MRNS) +877.25%
  • Madrigal Pharmaceuticals Inc (MDGL) +501.90% (It was small cap until their data out)
  • CymaBay Therapeutics Inc (CBAY) +425.71%

      Where there are winners, there has to be losers. Nobody like to talk about their losing trade. but frankly, losing trade will made you stronger and you learn a lot from it. These are the notable losers biotech of 2017:

  • Coherus BioSciences Inc (CHRS) -68.65%
  • Axovant Sciences Ltd (AXON) -57.22%
  • Intercept Pharmaceuticals Inc (ICPT) -46.54%

Will 2018 be a turnaround year for some of these biotech? stay tunes.

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