The 2018 Biotech IPOs


22-Feb-2018 17:10 PM



      Initial Public Offering (IPO) is when the company is 'going public'. This means that the company is offering its shares to sale to the public for the first time. In 2017, biotechnology sector has 40 IPOs and in 2018 there are 8 IPOs as of February 22, 2018. These IPOs can be a hit or miss depending on their pipeline and trial study update. Therefore, it's worth to keep track their performance as the year go. Here are the 8 biotech IPOs of 2018.

                                 Stock price as of 2/22/2018 closed.

    From the graph, the top biotech IPO performance this year is ARMO Biosciences Inc (ARMO:NASDAQ) up 70.75%, and follow by Menlo Therapeutics Inc (MNLO:NASDAQ) up 21.56%. There 6 biotech traded above their initial offering price. The year is still early, expect to see more biotech IPO. Stay tuned.

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