The Best Bounces in Retail Sector of 2017 - Kohls, Crocs, Limited Brand and Deckers Outdoors.

Kristin Alonzo

02-Jan-2018 16:58 PM



The brick and mortar retail stores has been Amazoned in the last 2 years, 2016 and 2017.  They have lost median 50% of their value from record high, some has lost by more than 80% , per market capitalization.  Pier 1 Import (PIR),  Beth Bath and Beyond (BBBY) and  JC Penney are some of the biggest losers to name a few.

Stock market always over react on bad news and good news, whereas it creates stampede on both buying and selling on whatever direction it is going through. Here are some of the hefty bounces on the retail sector of 2017:

Limited Brand (LB),  Crocs Inc (CROX),  Deckers Outdoor  (DECK),  Kohls (KSS).

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