The S&P 500 Hits 52 Weeks Low in the Last 7 Trading Day of 2018

Kristin Alonzo

19-Dec-2018 20:34 PM



Quite an exhausting 4th quarter period for the market.  Here we are, 7 trading days left for the year & the selling has not even subsided yet!  The U.S. benchmarks just hit 52 weeks low today. Officially confirming bear market more than correction.

The chart below is the S&P 500, few takeaways as of today's closing we are:

  • -15% from the record high
  • -8.85% this month
  • -5.65% YTD

The 15% retrace off record high is similar than what we have in 2015, % tile basis in measuring the pullback.  (See the S&P500 pullback compilation)

However, this time is so much different from the past market correction we have had since 2015.  This is so much longer compared to 10 weeks average period we have had, then the unmasked selling in the last month of the year - December performance -8.85%.

The S&P 500 is masking the real rout inside individual sectors & equities, the housing sector is down 30%, the Tech sectors are having a blow off top correction - from a record high to 52 weeks low/ negative YTD.

Technology Sector YTD Performance

YTD Performance:

  • ITB -30.6%
  • IYT -12%
  • XRT -12.5%
  • XLF -12%
  • XBI -11%

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