Therapeutics Biotech Strikes this Week, Madrigal, Revance, Vikings, RARX and GALT.

Kristin Alonzo

08-Dec-2017 22:55 PM



Biotech, biotech, and biotech.  If you are rookie to investing world, using conventional approach on stock picking,and wondering why there are lofty numbers of investors/ traders that heavily focus in small cap  biotech sector, the answer is, it offers boom and bust return, which I hope you get the boom performance.  Small caps biotech that are in clinical stage, their stock price is heavily reliant on their data read out/catalyst, resulting volatile effect on share price.

Here are this week biotech movers recap:  Notable this week, Vikings and Galectin initial reaction were reversed/ aka headfake price action movement.

  • SAGE Therapeutics  +79.90%  ~ positive data of SAGE -217 for MDD* ($7Bil Market Cap)
  • MADRIGAL Pharmaceuticals  +64.06% ~ achieves primary endpoint MGL-3196 P2 of NASH Study*  ($1.02Bil Market Cap)
  • REVANCE Therapeutics  +25.32% ~  positive P3 top line results for RT002*  ($1.07Bil Market Cap)
  • VIKING Therapeutics    +35.10% ~   sympathy move with Madrigal Pharma*  (*$117.82M Market Cap)
  • GALECTIN Therapeutics -30.65% ~  initial reaction, followed by Thursday and Friday bounce putting it at flat/ unchanged for the week*  announces result from P2 NASH-CX trial.  ($86.6M Market Cap)

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