Updated Daily Moving Average: SPY, IYT, QQQ, DIA, Netflix and Amazon

Kristin Alonzo

02-Feb-2018 08:48 AM



The record highs print in Benchmarks has come to an end, at least for the week.  We are at 4 days losing streak, so far worst in 2018 and since late 2016, SPY -1.74% for the week as of Thursday close.  The market has trained us to buy the dip in the last 2 years, will this time be different or it will remain as is? 

On February 5, 2016, it was the day that stockmarket has bottomed from oil rout, or the worst first month trading of the year in history, while on 2018 we had the best opening month since 1987.  As I mentioned on my blog this weekend, it appears to me as Visavis, balancing the act of the worst to best.

This daily moving average proforma above is my personal format on tracking stocks weight performance.  I do not usually track daily basis, but what we are having right now is exceptional movement, someday this data will be history.  It is helpful to have recorded one of the famous bull run in history.  Netflix and Amazon added today for they are above normal conditions.

  • SPY, IYT, DIA, QQQ, AMZN and Netflix.

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