Undiscovered Nano Cap Biotech -BLPH

 Post by alonzo07
 Tue, Jun 19 13:09 PM

I personally like trading small - medium cap biotech stocks, simply because the volatility if offers create opportunity window, a> 10% for nano caps movement can be attained easily, on mid caps at least 5%.  If you have been long timers biotech trades, you're already aware of risks involves.  The rule of "high-risk high return" is well practiced in this sector.

BLPH is my nano cap pick, I simply like this because no analyst is covering it nor retail pumps.  Contrary to other traders who constantly pumps their position, I do the opposite.  I like to keep it secret until it pops -  BLPH beauty consolidation from $1.90 to $2.70.

Technical per se, today is day 1 breakout above $2.70, above $3 it will get attention because of crossing the threshold of penny stock category for some brokerages. My coverage started on April 20, so far up to this day, no analyst covering it. :)