UVXY, VIX Market volatility

 Post by Future4Trades
 Tue, Jun 19 07:39 AM

   Trade war rises between the U.S. vs China.  After President Trump $50 billion in tariffs to China goods, then China retaliates with $34 billion in tariffs on the U.S. good. Yesterday news, Trump wants another $200 billion in tariffs. China soon to retaliate if the new tariff takes place. The market is getting for another round volatility as we saw back in February. 

   In my opinion, watch the volatility as potential short-term trade. Premarket Dow down -375.00 points on this trade war. 

 Mon, Jun 25 20:04 PM

Update this idea as of 6/25/18

UVXY +21.82%

VIX +25.85%

I think the volatility will continue in future, but if you follow this idea best to locked in profits.